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    Default Is a Store Liable if You're Hit by a Car While Crossing from a Parking Lot

    If you're walking across the traffic lane in front of a store, between the parking lot and the store, and are hit by a car, is the store liable for your injuries?

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    Default Re: Is a Store Liable if You're Hit by a Car While Crossing from a Parking Lot

    In general terms, when you cross a traffic lane in a parking lot, you need to watch for cars and drivers need to watch for pedestrians. Absent unusual facts or a history of accidents that is sufficient to trigger a duty to take additional steps (adding marked crosswalks, using speed calming devices such as speedbumps, etc.), the store would have no liabilty for a parking lot accident.

    Also, if this is a mall, the store owner may not be liable on the basis that it's not the premises owner; but in such a situation the mall owner may be liable.

    As we don't know the full facts, the injured pedestrian should get an analysis of the case from a personal injury lawyer.

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