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    Default CYS is About to Terminate My Rights when I Finally Have Become Able to Do Safety Plan

    My question involves child abuse or neglect in the State of: Pennsylvania.

    So I'd like to start from the beginning.

    When I left my son's father I had to leave everything behind. My job the house we lived in and all of my belongings, he wasn't abusive to my son but he was horrible to me. So I left and moved in with my grandfather...At the time I was looking for a new apartment but he had been showing signs of dementia and needed help so me and my son moved in with him. I lived with my pap for about 3 years before his health took a turn for the worse. And with me not being on good terms with his daughter (my mom) and his son at the time when he went for a long hospital stay they said I had to leave the house... Only expecting to be gone 2 weeks I packed a bag for my son and I and went to stay with my boyfriend and his mom. 2 weeks later my pap had passed away. I was never allowed back into my home to even get my belongings and only had 50 dollars left to my name and no vechile. I told my boyfriends mother that !Y pap would be in recover for a few months and was able to stay for awhile... but she hated me... they made me feel so I wanted o would stay in a bedroom all day long.. would cry at night trying to think of what I could have ever done to these people...At this time my son's father and I agreed on weekends of which he could see Gabe. It was on one of those weekends that my boyfriends mother found out that I had no where else to go and threw me out. ... I was officially homeless... Now in the town where I'm from there are next to no options to aid you when you are homeless.. so I spent 6 months living in a tent out side of my son's father's house since I refused to be away from my son and was only allowed in during the day since at this point he was also living with his mother who was sick and could pay the bills on her own. And 3 months away from my son in a shit town called Brownsville where I was able to finally get a HUD apartment.

    I can't even tell you how hard those 9 month were... Finding work but not being able to get there because of the huge blisters I had from walking to and fro and the emotional abuse I was receiving from both my sons father and my boyfriends family who hated me with a passion I'll never understand. I finally felt like things were going to be OK. I only had my apartment for a week when my son's father had gotten into a fight with my boyfriend when he broke in out new apartment to attack my boyfriend now my son was not there at this time. During this event I was shookin up pretty well and accepted a piece of Suboxone that the neighbor offered saying it would call me down. Now I had never been one for drugs. I would smoke weed maybe 4 times a year...So it wasn't a habit kind of thing when I accepted... The next day my son's grandmother had brought my son asking if he could stay with me for over night because he was scared of his dad for coming home screaming and freaking out. I didn't have much furniture at the time but I had Gabe's toddler bed and a recliner love seat and TV. I had food in the fridge and figure it would be okay... I had missed hi! So much and was only able to see him for short amounts of time and the nightly phone calls just weren't enough. The next day cys came and I tested for suboxone and they took him..My boyfriends sister was on the list of foster homes he could go to so I chose her thinking it might be good since even tho she didn't necessarily like me I knew she liked my son...but. I was shocked... I hurridly finished the house and decorated and waited. A month went by and I received the customer report...

    It said that I had no food...That I have been on heroine for years and was never raised my son...That my grandfather who really couldn't remember his own name half the time raised him... So many completely ludicrous things that I lost !Y mind...I called them and tried to tell them how wrong the report was and Boone would listen... I had fought so hard for so long just to get a roof back over my head and then this. I quickly became depressed and fell into drugs... My son was taken in the end of February and in March I got addicted to heroin.... I was talking to my son everyday and seeing him all the time...But I was dodging cys... This went on until July and I finally went to rehab. After rehab I planed on going to a half way house but my boyfriend,let's call him Sam, had said that his family felt bad and wanted to help me get him back... So like a fool I agreed... When I got there I found out that Sam had continued to get high while I was gone and his !Other was just trying to use me as a way to get him in to treatment... I needed to do drug eval and mental health. So I begged him to go... And he refused and so I asked Sams mom if she would take just me and she said no..I can't even express the mental beat down that place gave me but the bullying and abuse hurts so much I feel it should be criminal. So I started going to N.A daily to get away... Upon returning from meeting shed accuse me of being high...So I told her she could follow me down...She would drug test me..And I'd pass everyone... And there were rules I had to follow or she was going to throw me out...

    If I failed a drug test
    If I took a bus to anywhere but Charleroi
    If I invited my caseworker to her home,
    If I didn't give her my ADT card every month.

    She told me that her daughter who had !Y son was making custom aware that I was there and getting help but I should have some recovery done before I called them... But would never allow me to have the tools to do those things without threating me with living outside... I was glared at while eating the food I bought... But wasn't allowed to hoard food in my room.. finally I broke down and got high again I called me my mom...Who immediately picked me up. She had had a stroke at the beginning of February after I told her about Cy's and told her to keep a look out for a letter from family finding... And I hadn't talked to her since... I told her everything that was going on and asked what's been going on with custom and she said that they never contacted her so she thought I was doing good. We went to a sub clinic and she took me to the customer building the following week after a letter came to her house. they had said they were planning termination rights because they couldn't find me... In another meeting they said they knew I was there but couldn't contact me because of privacy issues...

    I also found out Sam's sister had gotten kinship somehow without ever meeting my son except for a wave hello and in the adoption will be considered equal with my !Other because kinship is the same as family since PA has no grand parents rights. They also said they never contacted her during family finding because they couldn't find her.but the address I received the letter at was her address.. now I know I ****ed up and should have taken more responsibility but I feel like I wasn't in a position to many options...I feel like I was held hostage and now I'm losing my son to the family that did this to me. I'm no longer even together with the Guy and they are considered my son's family...They couldn't contact me there tho because of privacy but could contact me at my mom's who is also family. And never contacted her because they couldn't find her... Does anyone see the contradictions? I just want him with family at least. I'm in all the classes now. But his sister said I hadn't talked to my son in 6 months when I had and said I abandoned him.... I don't know what to do...

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    Default Re: Cys is About to Terminate My Rights when I Finally Have Become Able to Do Safety

    Honestly - you need an attorney.
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    Default Re: Cys is About to Terminate My Rights when I Finally Have Become Able to Do Safety

    I have legal aid but he really doesn't care about doing anything since it's so late in the game... He won't even really say what options I have if there is any...

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