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    Default What to Do if a School Refuses Home Instruction for a Disabled Student

    A high school student in New York has been an honor student throughout high school, but has recently suffered serious depression and anxiety and is presently unable to attend school. The parents asked the school to allow the student to be educated at home, but the school says that it cannot provide an instructor during the regular school day, and that it will be two or three weeks before the student can receive after-hours instruction at home. The student is going to fall behind in her studies and may have to take incomplete in her courses. What can the parents do?

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    Default Re: What to Do if a School Refuses Home Instruction for a Disabled Student

    If the student qualifies for homebound instruction, the school district must follow state regulations. At the secondary school level, an eligible student should receive ten hours of instruction each week, and, if possible, two hours of instruction per day day. If the problem is that there is presently a manpower shortage, that would explain the wait -- but the parents should push for an explanation if they have not yet been told why an instructor is not yet available. Homebound instruction does not have to follow regular school hours.

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