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    Default Indiana Emancipation Questions

    I'm 17, I moved down here a few months ago from WI where I was iving independently, until I found out I could not be emancipated and had to move back with my mom. She is wiing to sign any papers so i can live on my own, and i am working on finding a job so i can support myself better. I was wondring if there was any thing I could do to make this go any quicker and if after I get emancipated wil i be able to move back to WI, since I have a job up there. Oh, and woud I be able to rent an apartment since you cant sign a contract when your under 18. I dont know who i can ask or tak to about any of these issues and haven't been able to really find anything on the matter. Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you

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    Indiana has no emancipation statute, but it may nonetheless be possible to convince a juvenile court to grant emancipation where the court finds:
    1. The petitioning minor wishes to be free from parental control and protection and no longer requires control and protection;

    2. The petitioning minor understands the consequences of being free from parental control and protection

    3. The petitioning minor has sufficient money for the child's own support; and

    4. The petitioning minor has an acceptable plan for independent living.
    Without a statute to reference, it is difficult to gauge what a judge might deem sufficient as a basis for emancipation. A local family lawyer may be able to help.

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