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    Default Fees and Costs From a Foreclosure

    Hello all,
    My brother has a foreclosure Date opened: 03/1999 Last reported 6/2002
    Foreclosure proceedings started 4/2000. This is EX. I'm waiting on his other reports. Can anything be done about this. I am assuming the SOL is over b/c it is 3 years for everything in MD and the account was 180 days as of 6/2001. IS this the same for foreclosure?

    Also he just told me he started paying a lawyer for the fees that were associated with the foreclosure. From what I understand, from researching a little, if they sold the house for what he owed then he is just responsible for the attorney fees, etc. Is this true?

    He is scared they would start coming after him if he starts trying to repair. I told him I would ask the board for ideas. Thanks

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    Default Information about foreclosure

    Your brother's best bet is to pose those questions directly to his lawyer.

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    Default Deficiency Judgment

    As I understand if a property is sold and there is a difference between the sale price and amount owed then lenders may opt to file a deficiency judgment to collect the difference.

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