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    Default Can You Legally Buy, Register and Own a Motorcycle in a State Where You Don't Live

    My question involves vehicle registration or title in the state of: Cali
    I am working for about 4-6 months in Cali. I live in Florida, and have a full legal residence there. I want to buy a motorcycle in Cali to ride, then take home when I return. Can I buy and register in Cali, and ride it? How do I pay taxes, etc...then get insurance, and ride. I cannot just take it to Florida, register it, then return to Cali to work, I need to buy it here, register it, and ride to work, so can anyone tell me how this would be done? I do not have a residence address in Cali, just a room with a kitchen in a long stay motel, but do have a company address, maybe I can use it?

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    Default Re: Live in Florida, Work in Cali, Want to Buy a Motorcycle

    Contact the California DMV for the forms etc, that you will need. You need not be a resident of California to register your motorcycle there.

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