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    Default Alleged Defect in a Replacement Roof

    A contractor performed a side job, seventeen years ago, installing a metal roof on a building. The owner recently complained that the paint on the roof is chipping, and they want $4,500 for the repair of the paint. The product used on the roof is out of warranty, although the contractor believes that he may have offered a 20 year warranty. The original roof job only cost $9,000. Is the contractor liable for the cost of repainting, under Minnesota law?

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    Default Re: Alleged Defect in a Replacement Roof

    The contractor had best figure out what warranty he offered, and whether it was for workmanship, materials, or both. It would of course be helpful if the warranty is in writing, and can be located in the contractor's records or obtained from the homeowner. If this is a warranty issue, the contractor may be able to assert the right to complete the repair himself, or through his own subcontractor, rather than going with the homeowner's price. If there is not a warranty the contractor likely has a statute of limitations defense; but the place to start the analysis is with the existence or non-existence of a warranty, and the terms of any warranty.

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