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    Default Sued for Six-Year-Old Accident

    I have recently recieved a letter letting me know that I am being sued for $6000 for an accident that happend 3yrs ago. The Plaintiff claims that he had to pay close to $5000 to fix his car and the other $1000 for medical bills. At the time of the accident the streets were wet. Both the plaintiff and I were at a stop light. The light turned green and the car in front of me started to move except he abruptly stopped and I rear ended him. I was given ticket that I pre- paid, I was not charged with wreckless driving. The accident did not cause any major damage to my car or his car. How can he sue for $6000?

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    Default Lawsuit for Damage to Car

    He's contending that amount to be the cost of the damage to his car. He will have to prove that amount in court, in order to recover it.

    You should notify your insurance company of the claim, as they may represent you in the lawsuit.

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