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    Default Ex-wife not making payments, Texas

    Here's the deal. Was divorced Oct. 18, 2005. In the final decree she was to keep our 2002 Chevy Trailblazer which was leased under both our names. I never made her refinance it because she makes good money and was ALWAYS on time when paying bills. Well now I am getting calls from the Finance Co. saying she is behind about $1200 in payments, and it has now affected my credit, which WAS perfect. The term of the lease ends March 10 where she can buy it or turn it back in.

    My girlfriend tries to call my Ex to find out whats going on. Her NEW husband answers and says that my Ex is in some institution due to a nervous breakdown, and is mentally and physically incapasitated and cannot work. Therefore they are NOT going to make the payments. Also find out the vehicle was in an accident and is in the shop being repaired right now. We told him that if he does not make the payment immediately we will make it and sue them in return. He said, Go ahead, make the payment, we have an excuse because of her "condition".

    Anyway, I know what I need to do. I need to make the payments, see if I can obtain possession of the vehicle and then turn it in at the end of the lease term. Then I will sue them. Is there anything I am missing? What exactly will I be able to sue them for being as it has affected my credit, and will it be able to be disputed on my credit?

    Thanx Jason

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    Default Re: Ex-wife not making payments, Texas

    If she got possession of the vehicle as part of your divorce judgment, you would need to go to court for permission to take it back against her wishes. (In a sense you can if you're still jointly on the title, but it would violate the divorce judgment and she could take you to court over it.) Does your ex- in fact want to keep the car?

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