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    Default Co-Workers are Making Defamatory Statements to Our Boss

    I started working in the construction field and from day one, one of the few other women out here has constantly tried to make my life a living hell anyway possible. Most commonly just by her mouthing lies about me everyday all day long to other employees and to my boss. It got to the point that if I stopped working just long enough to go to the bathroom I would see about 10 or so people stare at me and want to know why I wasn't working. Then about 2 and a half months into it I ended breaking my wrist and damaging a bunch of ligaments in my dominate right hand. I'm in a cast and unable to use my right hand at all, and in more pain than I think I have ever had before. the next day I did not go out into the field and stayed in the office and was on a lot of pain medication. It caused the biggest up roar because she wanted to know why i wasn't out there working. On the 3rd day after my injury that happened at work I felt obligated to work all day long, in a lift, painting pipe, and using a 15 inch crescent wrist for 10 hours a day and 60 hours a week with only my left hand. I work for a company that pipes in all the ammonia and refrigeration units for big distribution centers. This one that we're doing is a Wal- Mart. I'm a helper out there which basically means I prime and then paint all the pipe. I'm a female, 23 and about 120 lbs. Since day one I've worked my behind off trying to prove myself and trying to hopefully stop all the bad mouthing and gossip. I don't know what her problem is but its affecting my relationships at work with all my other coworkers as well as my bosses. anyways, Even after dr's orders to only work 30 hrs a week. I went back to the dr because my left hand now was so swollen and hurt from over using it. Well with her steadily bad mouthing me and my work performance to every other employee all day long, when my left hand hurt so bad I couldn't even sleep at night, I felt the only option I had, was to use my only other hand broke or not. Because of the stuff I am having to put up with and feeling no choice but to keep using my hurt hands the dr put me off for a week to rest and because I was not following his orders. They sent a letter to my employers insurance co. cause its workers comp and now they have me doing office work only and can not return to the field until 100% better. But that has just made it worse on me because she hates that and now seems more determined than ever to run me off or get me fired. She's spreading lies about me and I'm tired of all the physical pain and mental aguish I endure everyday because of her. Its now been 4 months that I've worked for this company and its only getting worse with her. Is there anything I can do legally about this situation? I have never confronted her about any of it cause I feel it would just make me look bad and possibly lose my job, but I'm tired of it and somethign has to be done about it. Please help. Its pathetic and can't deal with it too much longer but there is not a chance at all that she's going to run me off though. they'll have to fire me first. I just really need to know my rights.

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    Default Re: Is it defamation of character?

    You say she's spreading lies. The only damage you claim is that this is causing you mental anguish. You may wish to try going to HR and discussing the situation with somebody there.

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