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    Default Father's Visitation in New York State

    My son is almost three years old, and we live in New York State. My son's father and I were never married, he hasnt seen my son since February 2005, I left him bc of DMV, and I have three different police reports. I had went to court to file for Sole custody bc even though my son has been with me since birth, there is no order in place.
    There is paternity est bc of child support, the father did not come to this hearing it was given by default. Also on the cs papers he is named the NON custodial parent. We had a hearing last week in which sons dad was there via telephone. The judge asked me what I wanted and I said sole custody legal and physical. When the judge asked him, he said joint. I was in disbelief bc he lives in Florida.
    The judge told him he has to appear for trial and hire a lawyer that practices in NYS. As far as visitation goes I would like supervised bc of the DMV, but how is he going to see my baby if he lives in FL? I can say I dont want him to at all bc of his history, he hasnt even called about my son, wasnt there when he was born, has just made no attempts. But Iam aware of his right and will agree to supervised.
    Iam married and my son knows my husband as his father, I just dont understand my sons father's point in doing all of this. He never made any attempts to see or contact my baby and now all of the sudden..he at one point when I asked why he doesnt even call on Xmas he stated"why would I bc he doesnt even understand anything, ill wait until he does"
    Not even a call about his well being? he is treating this as if I dont let him call or anything, but he has to remember, i left him due to DMV. he is violent, uses drugs, and just not mature to be a parent. Also if it wasnt for me having to hunt him down to serve him in Fl, I know I still wouldnt had heard from him. Any advice would be great ty.

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    Default Re: Fathers Visitation??? I live in NYS

    I don't know why your ex does what he does. I don't know why anyone does anything.

    In any event, don't let the kid go anywhere out of your sight.

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