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    Default Providing Incorrect Information on ESTA

    A resident of the U.K. had an arrest and caution for shoplifting, no prosecution or conviction. When entering the U.S. on the Visa Waiver Program she misunderstood what she was supposed to report, and for two different trips did not report that she had been arrested. Now she is seeking a visa, and she needs to present clearances from the U.K., which means that the USCIS will learn about the shoplifting arrest. Will they realize that the information is in conflict with what she entered in ESTA, and will that create problems for her current visa application?

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    Default Re: Providing Incorrect Information on ESTA

    She can expect that the discrepancy will be detected, and that there could be serious consequences if the determination is made that she was being willfully dishonest. She should discuss her situation with an immigration lawyer, and for help providing any necessary explanation of the discrepancy.

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