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    Default Can You Prorate Your Rent if You Stay Past the End of Your Lease

    A tenant is coming up on the end of his lease and intends to move, but won't be able to get into his new home for several days after the end of his lease. If he overstays, can he prorate his rent for the period of overstay, or does he have to pay the full month's rent?

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    Default Re: Can You Prorate Your Rent if You Stay Past the End of Your Lease

    He should start by checking his lease, although I would be very surprised if the lease provided for anything less than a month's rent.

    If his landlord agrees to prorate the rent, then no matter what the lease says he has that opportunity. If the lease does not allow proration and the landlord says "no", then he can expect to pay at least a month's rent if he stays -- he needs to be aware of the lease provisions for notice, and the consequences of overstay. Note that some leases will automatically renew for a full year if proper notice is not given, and that if the landlord knows he is moving out the landlord may have scheduled cleaning and repairs, or have a tenant who expects to be able to move in.

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