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    I live in TX and have a question. Last year I had a account with a wireless phone company money got tight and the bill came due. So I went online and submitted a ach payment , the routing number was correct , but the account number was fake about 12 digits long random numbers. Of course it was returned for the reason account not found incorrect account information , meaning no money was removed from anyones account cause the account did not exist , it just gave me about a week extension on my bill. Well the phone company investigated the return payment (no police or complaint from the bank) and labeled it as a fraudulent payment (the amount was under 250). They said they are not prosecuting , but if they decided to what kind of charges could I face , and what type of fines or jail time would I be looking at?

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    You can review the Texas Penal Code here.

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    I wouldnt know even what to look under starting there. It isnt considered Check Fraud cause there wasnt a actually check printed out , it was submitted electronically. So I dont have a clue exactly what that would fall under.Ive tried a search on the net but have seen nothing else relating to issues such as this , even though I am sure I am not the only one who has done something really stupid like this (wont happen again either)

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    There doesn't have to be a check printed out for it to be check fraud.

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    So would that be considered check fraud then? As I said I am unsure what catagory it would fall under. thanks for your patience explaining this to me as it has me really worried , but it was my stupidity. If not check fraud then what else , there are so many different types and hard to find any type of info on the internet concerning ACH stuff such as this , yes there is info on using someones elses account , but not making up a account number and the account just not existing. Also even though they said they are not going to prosecute and just closed the phone account , do you think they will (phone company was Sprint)

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