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    A company is offering contracts to gun owners that will supposedly provide them with indemnification for criminal defense costs, including bonds, attorney fees, and litigation costs, if they are charged with a crime as a result of the use of a firearm in self-defense. A prospective customer has asked them to provide a copy of their contract, and they have not been forthcoming. Is this a form of insurance and does it sound like a good deal?

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    From what you have stated, it is likely to be regulated by the state as a form of insurance. If they cannot or will not produce a contract, it may be that they don't even have one, and that you're dealing with fly-by-night operation as opposed to a company that will stand behind the coverage that it sells. You can check with your state department of insurance to see if they're licensed to sell insurance in your state.

    Even without knowing the cost, it does not sound like a good deal. Very few firearms owners will use their firearms in self-defense, and only a small subset of them will face criminal charges. Also, there could be enormous exceptions or loopholes for the company, written into the contract that they apparently would prefer that their customers not see.

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