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    Default How Can You Obtain a Copy of a Will

    How does one go about getting a copy of a will? My soon to be ex has a aunt that had a lot of money. She passed away and we are in the final stages of our devours. she is not disclosing the contents of the will, which could be quite a bit. I know i have no claim, but she could be making a lot of money off of the interest in the future. We live in New Jersey and the aunt lived and died in New York.

    Thank you for your help

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    Default Re: Obtaining a Copy of a Will

    Contact the clerk of the Surrogate’s Court in NY that is handling the probate of the aunt’s estate. That is usually the court for the county where the aunt was living at the time of her death. There will be a fee for copying the will. But bear in mind that you have no claim on your soon to be ex-wife’s inheritance since it is not marital property. Knowing how much she inherits won’t really tell you what interest she’ll get in the future since you don’t know what your wife will do with it. The only reason that interest might matter to you is for computation of child support, and you can get information from her about her income whenever the child support issue is before the court. In short, I don’t see you getting any real useful information from the will at this point.

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