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    Default How to Stop Online Stalking

    If your ex- is posting negative material about you online, and is creating fake accounts in your name on sites that don't respond to take-down requests, as well as on dating sites, using your picture and information, what can you do to get him to stop?

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    Default Re: How to Stop Online Stalking

    If you have actual evidence that your ex- is responsible, you can try to obtain a restraining order. Whether or not the conduct will qualify you for an anti-stalking protective order will depend upon the laws of your state. If protective orders are not available it may be possible to get a civil restraining order, but the process is more complex and you probably should work with an attorney.

    You can also take your evidence to the police, for investigation of the acts as possible criminal activity. Whether the police will be able to do anything will depend upon the strength of the evidence provided, whether the police are able to obtain any additional evidence through their own investigation, and the laws of the state in which the conduct is occurring.

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