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    Default Car Rental Company Added Undisclosed Fees to the Rental Price at Checkout

    My question involves a consumer law issue in the State of: Georgia

    I registered for a rental car on the phone and declined all optional coverages and elected to pre-pay the whole amount to save money. I picked up the car at the airport location and the lady behind the counter asked me if I wanted additional insurance coverage I declined because in my all renting years, I have never gotten optional coverage. I signed the contract and left with the car. When I returned the car several days later, the lady told me she would charge me $100 more on the card on file. I was baffled and inquired what it was for, the lady replied "five days with insurance". I said I never had that and she told me it wasn't her problem and I should talk to the main office. I was running late for my flight so I figured I'd handle it when I got home and clear up the confusion. I phoned them but they were closed for Christmas. I emailed them right away and got a response today that since I signed the contract, they can't do anything about it. I phoned customer service and asked for the supervisor. I explained myself and the supervisor said she can only give me a small discount on the total but I do owe them regardless.

    Turns out, the lady at the counter had added the insurance that I had waived any way and on the charges were written along with ten other line items with several other charges i.e sales tax, environmental tax, etc. My mistake was not reading it in its entirety since I was running late and also making the mistake of trusting the lady could follow simple yes and no answers.

    I have disputed the charges with my credit card company but wanted to know, do I have a shot at all? I was stupid enough to sign the contract in a hurry but I have looked all my previous rental agreements from other companies and none of them structure the contract the way this company does- i.e there is a space for a signature/initials next to each optional line item for clarity. This contract just had one signature at the end of the four page document. Keep in mind the confirmation email I received upon registering displayed that I had not opted for the optional insurance coverage (this was before I picked up the car from the lady at the counter).

    Doing a simple google search also brings up several results where this specific company pulled this very same stunt in several instances.

    Thank you so much for reading and I will await response(s).

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    Default Re: Rental Car Company Adding Bogus Charges at Check Out

    Unfortunately, this is pretty much a standard thing in the rental car world these days. Always leave yourself enough time to properly review the contract before signing.

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    Default Re: Rental Car Company Adding Bogus Charges at Check Out

    I just had a chargeback win against a signed cancellation form because the signature wasn't close enough to the actual policy. It was at the bottom of the one page document and the policy was in the middle. (First time in many years that I have lost a chargeback fight because we do everything we can as by the book as we can and this must be a new change, so we have now changed our forms to accommodate this)

    So I am willing to bet that you have a good chance since you only signed the back page and didn't sign or initlal for each optional line.

    And every rental car agreement I have seen does require the initials for each.

    I have had this happen one time and was able to get the rental car company to remove the charge before having to go the chargeback route.

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    Default Re: Rental Car Company Adding Bogus Charges at Check Out

    Let the chargeback go through. Oddly, I had one of the major people tack on a charge and they denied it when I complained. About nine months later in some QA review a representative calls me back all apologetic and says he can't believe they did that to me and made it all right (plus a little credit to boot).

    I wouldn't worry about the chargeback. Let the credit card company and the rental car company duke it out. Chose another company next time.

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    Default Re: Rental Car Company Adding Bogus Charges at Check Out

    Thank you all for the wonderful advice, I greatly appreciate it. I will let the dispute go through and let them handle it.

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