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    My question involves criminal law for the state of: CA

    Hello all. I'm nearly finished with the process of dealing with my DUI. It's been a difficult, harrowing experience. I wanted to share my experience going through the system, so that I could help others. I felt worthless, alone, with nobody to turn to for answers. It was daunting and scary. Nobody should have to go through that in our connected world. So I made - I don't offer legal services, but I describe what the legal process was like for me. I hope that I can help somebody with either the human side or the legal side.

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    I disagree. People who drive a vehicle while they are impaired by alcohol SHOULD go through the miserable legal process of DUI prosecution.

    And the link at your site implying that a DUI defendant can find pro bono representation is just silly. Attorneys who do pro bono work don't do it by representing DUI defendants. That's what the PD is for.

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