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    Default Can You Sue a Hospital for Providing Indifferent, Inadequate Care

    A woman sought treatment for herself and her son at the emergency room of a hospital. The hospital staff and doctor who treated her were rude and abrasive. They did not explain what they were doing, did not tell her what diagnosis they were making beyond saying that she had "chronic issues", and dismissed them with prescriptions for antibiotics. The mother feels like the hospital engaged in improper profiling. Does she have the right to sue?

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    Default Re: Can You Sue a Hospital for Providing Indifferent, Inadequate Care

    The woman's discharge papers almost certainly include her diagnosis, even if it was not stated to her.

    There is no law that requires doctors to be kind and patient. With no claim of an actual misdiagnosis or injury, and no suggestion that the antibiotics were not effective, there is no case to be made against the hospital, its staff, or the E.R. doctor.

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