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    Default Stopping payment on credit cards to file Chapter 7, in Florida?

    If it is better to not have used credit cards 90-180 days prior to filing BK and right now i am using an open credit line to pay other cards so i can never be late on payments (never was late), can i assume that it is recommended to stop all payments since i cannot make them without borrowing more money? if i do so, do i get sued by the creditors, what's the normal procedure they take?

    As i said in another thread, i owe about $40.000.00 and i made last year with freelance work around $17.000.00 and still unemployed.

    One question about rent. I was paying $950.00 but cannot afford it anymore and a friend of mine offered me some space for $200.00 for a couple of months. Does that affect my median state income, meaning, the court is going to assume that that's all i need as expense to pay rent? I am just wondering how your necessities are calculated.

    I am sory for so many questions that you probably answered many times before, but the more i read the more confused i get, still trying to figure out what i should do, i was going to look for a lawyer but then the issue came up of me still using the cards so it seems i will have to wait to file.

    Thank you

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    Default Re: Stopping payment on credit cards to file Chapter 7, in Florida?

    You should consult a bankruptcy lawyer, and get guidance from your lawyer.

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