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    Default Getting Emancipated Without Parental Consent

    So apparently I have this problem. I do not just want to be emancipated, I NEED to be emancipated. I've read the countless posts with the bold wording stating that I need my parent to file a petition for me, but how is it that my best friend could file without her parent's permission, but she would have to fight for it in court. She never got emancipated though because her dad let her move out and still financially supports her. Not the case with me. I can not stand to live in this house anymore. None of my parents work, they're home all the time. They think I'm such a bad child, that I do everything wrong. I don't have sex, drink, I don't do drugs, I don't run away, I don't act up in school and get tons of detentions. They are just crazy. One day I was sitting in the living room floor doing my homework, my mom was so mad at me she couldn't stand to look at me, and wanted the cops to pick me up, for doing my homework. She always threatens to have me "put away" but I don't know how I could be, since I can't be Baker Acted. I usedto have a cutting problem and my parents went from calling me crazy to being a drama queen. As young as 10 I used to think about suicide. My makes me go to a shrink because she HATES my boyfriend, who I'm going to get married to. I know I'd have a better chance of getting out of this hell hole if they actually abused me but they come pretty close. I've had my mom chasing after me down the hall with her fist curled up like she was going to punch me. Whenever I try to get through a doorway while she stands in it, she always claims that I push her and then she tries to hit me. She's not the only one. One night I went to the movies with a friend, and I was supposed to be picked up at the theatre, and just as we were leaving I remembered to call my parents to come pick me up but my friend's parents had to pick up their other daughter and long story short my dad just picked me up at her house. He starts yelling and screaming at me and by the time we get home he throws his glass down on the pavement and grabs my head with both of his hands and my mom walks out but I don't know what would have happened if she hadn't. My dad's an ex-alcoholic, and they both came from abusive homes. They claim they love me, but putting me in tears constantly isn't much evidence of that. My boyfriend's mom works for DCF and she'll do anything to help me, I just don't know what she can do. Even my sister thinks my parents treat me bad, and she's 26. Point is, they don't want me to leave, ever. My mom is keeping me here to torture me, I am no good to her, it's not like they need me here to clean or cook or take care of them. She doesn't even let me do my own laundry. And I'm scared of becoming just like them. my counselor even told me that I'm mean to everybody because my mom is mean to everybody constantly making fun of them. I'm always depressed and I'm starting to cry just writing this, I don't know what to do. I've talked to counselors at school and they call my parents up and then my parents get mad at me for trying to talk to somebody. They say if I ever call the cops on them for abusing me they'll pretty much kill me. Besides that, they emotionally abuse me. I'm afraid if I tell anyone it makes me feel like hurting myself, they'll put me in Circles of Care. And almost physical abuse still isn't physical abuse. I've read that I should talk to my school counselors, but I don't know what they can do. But point is, there's no way in hell my parents will petition for me. They're ruining my life, and if I can't get out of here legally, I'll have to run away and that will get me in trouble and I'm just not that kind of person. I don't want to ruin my future, I'm already going to college and I'm 16. I don't know if my sister can petition for me because I don't know who my other guardians are.

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    Default Re: What to do if...*Emancipation*

    Which state?

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    Default Re: What to do if...*Emancipation*

    Florida like most states that have emancipation laws has stringent requirements. The state law pertaining to early emancipation is titled "Removal of The Disabilities of Non-Age" (Chapter 743). The minor must be at least 16 years of age, and (paraphrasing) the emancipation petitionmust be filed by the minor's natural parent(s) or legal guardian, if there is no such person, it must be filed by a Guardian Ad Litem (court appointed legal representative). (

    Your friend appears to have had parental consent to move (not emancepated) If you want/need emancepation you must meet your States requirements

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    Default Re: What to do if...*Emancipation*

    Quote Quoting DamaGodiva
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    've read the countless posts with the bold wording stating that I need my parent to file a petition for me, but how is it that my best friend could file without her parent's permission, but she would have to fight for it in court. She never got emancipated though....
    You can file whatever you want. Do it wrong and, like your friend, you won't be emancipated.

    If you think your best friend has a secret way to avoid the plain language of Florida's emancipation statute, ask her what it is.

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