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    Default Is Having a Low Tire or Completely Flat Tire Grounds for Towing a Car from Apartment

    My question involves civil rights in the State of: Is having a low tire or completely flat tire gorunda for towing a car from apartment??

    I came home this evening at 6pm, realized my car was not in the space I had parked it last night after work. I called the towing company that services this complex, and was told they had towed the car due to a flat tire. First off, the tires were fine last night and prior to that. It was just driven last night to work and to the store and back to the apartment. This morning the car was fine as well as we took things out of the car since my fiancÚ was leaving to PA to work in the oil field. I was told the car was towed between the times of 2:30-3:15pm today December 14, 2016. No prior notice was given, left or placed in the car or apartment regarding this if it was an issue as they state. I am in Dallas, Texas. Is this legal in the state of Texas and is there anything I can do to fight this??? I don't have $315.71 to pay before tomorrow afternoon. What can I do!?

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    Default Re: Is Having a Low Tire or Completely Flat Tire Grounds for Towing a Car from Apartm

    This isn't a civil rights issue, it's a contracts issue.

    Whether it's legal for your car to be towed from the apartment lot due to a flat tire depends entirely on the terms and conditions of your lease and the apartment complex rules that you agreed to follow when you rented the place.

    Look at all that first.

    Unfortunately, if you don't pay the $315.71 before tomorrow afternoon, it'll cost more the next day and even more the day after that. In other words the storage charges will keep going up, up, up day after day while you are trying to figure out how to "fight" it.

    Find the money to get your car back ASAP and THEN figure out if the apartment management wrongly had your car towed and seek reimbursement in small claims court.

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