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    Default Disqualified From Law Enforcement Due To Military Discharge

    I was wondering if in my case I can do anything legally. Here is the situation. I served in the military for 11 months and was discharged with a general under honorable conditions discharge. THis was due to my inability to perform to military standards due to a physical condition. When I tried to apply for a local police department in texas I noticed that my discharge was a means to disqualification. I went to the city's civil service manager and explained to him about my injury. He looked up the minimum standard to be certified as a peace officer in texas and my discharge was accepted by the state. He told me I should have no problem, I still got disqualified for that reason. Two years later I explained this time to the police chief and he said he couldn't help me. I asked both individuals if I can appeal to someone since the discharge was due to a physical condition. They said no. To make matters worse I still tried out and turned in a dd 214 that was altered by an ex girlfriend I made to the academy but a month later my ex girlfriend reported me and I got kicked out of the academy. I was arrested and charged with a class a misdeamenor but got a pre trial defferment. Is there any legal action I can take for them having disqualified me soley on my discharge and is a pre trial defferment expungable

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    Default Re: Disqualified From Law Enforcement Due To Military Discharge

    Your bigger problem would appear to be the fraud you committed to try to get into the academy. What are the odds of any police agency in your state not learning of that?

    In any event, different police agencies have different hiring practices. The one you tried to get into with fake documentation, presumably the one with the problematic policy, is not realistically a viable future employer even if you can convince them that their policy is wrong. So try a different police agency.

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    Default Need Help

    I will try to make this as short but as detailed as possible. I served in the military for 11 months. Recieved a general under honorable conditions discharge due to a physical condition and because I was unable to perform(knee problems) Got back to texas and wanted to apply for the police department. My discharge was not accepted even though it was acceptd by the state for peace officer certification. I went to the civil service manager he saide there was nothing I can do. I spoke to the police chief he said there was nothing I can do that I needed a honorable discharge. I applied for an upgrade but was denied. They basically said I had to prove there was a mistake in their findings which there wasn't I couldn't perform. so I did the stupidest thing I have ever done. My girlfriend altered my dd214 to read honorable and I turned it in and was accepeted into the academy. Two months later she reported me. I was arrested and recievd pre trial defferment on a class a misdeamenor. This happened seven years ago. Prior to this an after this I have never been in any trouble. I applied for a position with department of homeland security everythingi n my background is perfect but this . I was given a letter to basically explain myself. What should I include in this letter and how do I go about getting a hold of documents since I never went to court. Will I be able to get an expungement

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    Default Re: Need Help

    Your question about expungement has been answered in your thread on Class A Misdemeanor Expungement in Texas.

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