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    Default Can You Be Called in by Probation for Random Drug Tests

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: Denver

    I have completed my community service and madd impact panel. Almost done with all of my alcohol classes, and paid all my fines along with had the interlock in my vehicle for 9 months and now have it removed. Today at 6 months into my 12 months sentance I asked my probation officer of he would let me off my UA'S. I have been 100% clean and sober since I started probation. He told me this was OK and removed me from the Daily call list ( my probation ID is now expired). My question is: can he still call me in at random to take a test??

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    Default Re: Probation

    Yes they can.

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    Until your probation is OVER they can do it all.

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    Whether they can or not should be immaterial to you. This isn't the how to break the law and get away with it forum (try over at hightimes for that). You are not supposed to be doing drugs (even pot at this point) while you are on probation.

    If you can't stay off drugs for the duration of your probation, you have the clinical definition of a substance abuse problem. You need help.

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    The fact you asked to be removed from the UAs is probably gonna tickle his antenna. Yes, it could legitimately be due to inconvenience or whatnot (I note you didn't say why you wanted off) but I'm betting you have at least one random in your future.

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