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    Question Breach of Trust Charges

    I really do not know whereto turn for advice I just hope that someone on here can help me. I use work in the state of South Carolina at a payday advance place. I was appointed a manager only after being there 2 days due to the other manager leaving without notice. My daughter was also employed there long before myself. After being there for about one month I noticed alot of illegal things going on within the company. I told the manager over the store that I had called the state auditor. At that time the manager stated " I should not have done that" I and my daughter both quit that same day. I at the time lived in Georgia which is only a few miles away from where we worked. Well to make a crazy story short we sold our home on Georgia and moved a few months later which had been a plan for sometime to do so. When my daughter contacted the employer he stated that he had gotten a warrant for her arrest for what is called breach of trust. We contacted the police asap and this was unreal to me they stated that their was a felony warrant for breach of trust. We then ask the detective what to do because this was a false accusation sense we now live out of state he stated " do not lose sleep over it it is not a big deal" we gave him address phone numbers ect,,, I do not understand how someone can obtain a warrant without hearing the whole story and even though we are not suppose to " worry" my daughter has never been in trouble for anything in her life so we are scared to death. We also contacted a lawyer in the state we live in they told us that they had not heard of that law unless it involved white collar crime actually they found it crazy. But my concern is their is a supposed warrant out there how long will they persue this matter it has been 2 years now and we continue to call the detective and he seems to be so un concerened about the whole matter. Bottom line is how can this be legal and how can they just hold a warrant for as long as they choose when we had no knowledge to begin with.

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    Default Re: Breach of Trust Charges

    Is this the statute:
    Quote Quoting SC Code of Laws 16-13-230. Breach of trust with fraudulent intent.
    (A) A person committing a breach of trust with a fraudulent intention or a person who hires or counsels another person to commit a breach of trust with a fraudulent intention is guilty of larceny.

    (B) A person who violates the provisions of this section is guilty of a:
    (1) misdemeanor triable in magistrate's court if the amount is one thousand dollars or less. Upon conviction, the person must be fined or imprisoned not more than is permitted by law without presentment or indictment by the grand jury;

    (2) felony and, upon conviction, must be fined in the discretion of the court or imprisoned not more than five years if the amount is more than one thousand dollars but less than five thousand dollars;

    (3) felony and, upon conviction, must be fined in the discretion of the court or imprisoned not more than ten years if the amount is five thousand dollars or more.
    The police report presumably includes a description of the acts alleged to constitute this offense.

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    Default Re: Breach of Trust Charges

    RE : Thank you for your reply and as for what the charge is exactly I do not know. I have inquired about it on several occasions as have my family members. The only answer that we were given was from the detective stating that it was called breach of trust and that my daughter shoud not be concerend with it. As far as ever seeing anything in writing we have not as of yet seen anything after leaving several messages, new address, phone numbers ect... so at this point I do not understand if the law of this state had a warrant why would they continue to hold onto it instead of trying to serve it even though we now live out of state. I guess this is so very confusing to me as to what to do at this point.

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