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    Default How to Find the Money from a Childhood Injury Case

    A woman was injured in an accident when she was a small child, and she received a substantial personal injury settlement. The settlement was under court supervision, and was not supposed to be accessed by the woman's mother except in the event that she documented hardship to the court. The woman is now 24, and has not received any of the money. Her mother swears that it is in the bank, but the bank says that there is no account and no money. How can the woman find the money?

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    Default Re: How to Find the Money from a Childhood Injury Case

    If the woman has bank records that show the account with the bank, perhaps the bank can tell her when the account was closed. If not, perhaps she's talking to the wrong bank.

    There's a possibility that when she reached the age of 18, and had the right to the money, her mother misappropriated the funds. I don't want to assume the worst, but that happens with disturbing regularity.

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