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    Default What happens at a plea hearing

    I am a 16 year old from Florida, that has in the recent past made some real bad mistakes and got caught up in some pretty serious charges, but after months and months of hassles and difficulties ( detention, court, being expelled from high school, cost for a lawyer ) I am finally able to be getting back on track enrolled in community college and working and just trying to fix everything. but anyways I am wondering how many more times i will have to go to court and when i will finally be able to just get through with whatever time ( if they give me any ) I will have to do. so i can get it done and over with.

    Here is what all i have gone through so far.

    - arrested for dealing in stolen property (firearms/handguns)
    -first appearance
    -detention for the mandatory of 21 days/till my court hearing
    -court wasn’t for another week or 2 so i was released after my 21 day
    -went to homecoming arrested for trespassing and battery
    -arrested for grand theft auto 3 days before my arraignment for the dealing in stolen firearms
    -detention 21 days
    -went to arraignment for trespassing and battery and grand theft auto
    - one other visit to the court but it was for my lawyer to talk to the DA to make a deal

    and now im here waiting for my "plea hearing "

    From the deal the lawyer and the DA made me, I am looking at a year probation and a low risk level 4 program from 30-120 days which really isn’t to bad and the only reason I can't really get out of the program is because for the time I had been home and had the opportunity to change my life around i waited till the last minute sort of sp I really dont have much to show the judge unless this whole process can be drawn out a little longer.

    now I’m here and I’m wondering what all happens in a " plea hearing " ? and if that is when they also sentence me right than and their. and what else do I have to attend court for after a plea hearing.

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    Default Re: I am wondering.

    At a plea hearing, you would normally enter your plea. If there is a sentence bargain worked out, it is conceivable that you could be sentenced at that time. You would need to consult a local criminal defense lawyer about local sentencing practices (although if you find the right person to ask, somebody at the court may be able to explain the process as well).

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