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    Default Liability for a Fire Caused by a Car

    A car seller in North Carolina sold a car without getting a bill of sale, and the buyer did not register the car. Several weeks later the car was determined to be the cause of a wild fire. Can the car seller be held liable for the fire?

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    Default Re: Liability for a Fire Caused by a Car

    If the person who bought the car admits that he bought the car, and that he was responsible for leaving it in the location it was in when it caught on fire, then the seller would not be liable.

    If the person who bought the car denies having done so, and denies having parked the car in that location, then the police or insurance companies involved are going to investigate further to determine how it got there -- and it would be reasonable for them to look at the title owner.

    The title owner should get together their evidence of the actual sale of the car -- the ads that they ran, information about the buyer, evidence of how the buyer paid and receipt of payment, etc. -- in case they need it.

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