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    Default What to Do if Somebody Threatens to Report You to CPS

    A woman was at home when she heard a knock on the door, and an old lady she had never seen before was at the door. It turns out that it was her husband's estranged grandmother. The woman was unpleasant, and when asked to leave she said that she was going to call CPS and report them for having a dirty house and not taking care of their children. The accusations are completely false, and the woman is probably mentally ill, but the woman is worried about what might happen. Is there something that she can do?

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    Default Re: What to Do if Somebody Threatens to Report You to CPS

    CPS gets more than its share of crank calls. If the woman in fact calls, and they find grounds to stop by to check things out, odds are they will be satisfied with a quick look at your home that the accusations are false. But frankly, she would have to say a lot more than "the house is dirty and they weren't paying attention to the kids" to inspire even that much of a check -- they would want facts, and you would probably be shocked at how much filth can accumulate in a house before it's likely to rise to the level of grounds to remove a child.

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