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    Heloo, i am in the military, and living in hawaii. this past weekend i bought a car from a used car dealership and filled out everything as far as the paper work. gave them a down payment for the car, and drove it off the lot. now when i signed the contract it was an "as-is" no warrenty, and they made me waive the 3 day return policy. well when i drove it home right from the lot, the from tire fell off of the car, and and there was damage to the rim, the rotor and a little body damage. this was all due to the lug nuts on the wheel not being secure. i am wondering if there is anything that i can do to get this fixed, as far as the dealership paying for it? i have been told by may people that i should talk to an attorny because they have to do some sort of saftey inspection on the vehical before it can leave the lot. is this true? please anything would be great.


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    Why did you waive the return policy?

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    If you are referring to the FTC 3-day "cooling off" period for canceling contracts, that does not apply to used cars unless the dealer specifically offers it.

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