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    Default Falsely Accused of Being Under the Influence at Work

    This is regarding "Falsely accused of being under the influence at work". The state is California. I was a relief and emergency veterinarian with a successful career and clear status for twenty years. I was hired by the owner of a satellite business of a predominant animal hospital chain, to work for him for 10 days while he attended his son's wedding overseas. On the fourth or fifth day, I was at work when I suddenly became "foggy" and slow in focusing and decision making. I knew that there was nobody to cover for me, so I took each case slowly and double checked my steps and all went fine as far as cases went. Then the office manager called me aside, questioned my condition, and said the staff was uncomfortable with me and thought I might be drinking. She told me not to come in again until she spoke to the boss. Unfortunately for me, I had just started so they did not know me well. Also unfortunate was that nobody in that office could perceive that I was deathly ill!
    I had gotten delirum associated with septic encephalopathy, which means that I was so sick that my brain was poisoned. It was the first symptoms of MRSA pneumonia and septic arthritis. I should have been put into the hospital. Instead, I went home and went into a coma. When I finally got taken to the hospital, I was in septic shock and the ER said I would not have made it another day. I spent six weeks in a coma, and two months in the hospital, partly on life support.
    Meanwhile, the veterinarian who owned the practice was obviously called while overseas at his son's wedding, and apparantly told about my condition, that I seemed intoxicated, etc. I imagine he was forced to cut his trip short and come back.
    What I do know, is that, while I was lying there in the hospital, he filed a report with the the CVMB (CA Veterinary Medical Board). He stated that I was suspected of being intoxicated that day, and wrote it as if he had been there!
    He was obviously angry that his trip was interrupted, that, in his mind, I had betrayed his trust, etc. Of course he did not hear from me either, for "apologies" or explanations. He reported me, not because he "knew wihout question or witnessed that I had done something unquestionably wrong and the board must know about it". He did it based on anger, desire for retaliation, and second hand speculation.
    Had I been able to defend myself, it would have been fine. I had documentation available in my hospital record. But, again unfortunately, an animal hoarder who was angry that I would not work for her without pay, had access to my mail. Of all times I was served an accusation and need to respond to a hearing. She forged my signature and kept my mail from me. My license was revoked by default.

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    Default Re: Veterinarian Deathly Ill, Falsely Accused of Under the Influence and Reported to

    Did you have a question?

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    Default Re: Falsely Accused of Being Under the Influence at Work

    Quote Quoting KimKess
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    My license was revoked by default.
    If you were so disabled that you were not able to respond to the licensing action for the entire duration of that action, and you want to restore your license or set aside the default, you should see if you can get the licensing board to reopen the case based upon proof of your incapacity.

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