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    Default Can a Public School Close its Recreational Fields When School is Not in Session

    Isn't there a California law that requires that school facilities be open to the public when school is not in session? Can they tell students or other members of the public to leave playing fields that nobody else is using?

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    Default Re: Can a Public School Close its Recreational Fields When School is Not in Session

    You appear to be thinking of the Civic Center Act, a law that requires that schools make their premises available for organization, subject to certain restrictions on the time and manner of their use. Under that act, a fee may be charged for the use.

    There is no law that requires that a school keep its grounds open to the general public. There are plenty of reasons why a school might not want members of the public on its grounds, ranging from the possibility of damage to its property or the need to clean up garbage left behind, to security reasons.

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