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    Default Used Car Has Serious Mechanical Problems

    A car buyer in Pennsylvania purchased a used car with a warranty. It had immediate problems, and they took it back to the dealership. The car had a cracked gasket, transmission problems and a bad differential, and leaks coolant. The dealership took the car back for work several times, but the car continues to have problems and now the dealership doesn't want to perform more services. What can the buyer do?

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    Default Re: Used Car Has Serious Mechanical Problems

    Under Pennsylvania law, the buyer of a car is to have the vehicle inspected within ten days of purchase. You don't mention the car failing inspection, so it would seem reasonable to infer that (despite its problems) it passed.

    If the car had problems that were repaired under warranty, even if they were significant, they are now repaired.

    If the warranty is only through the dealership, the car still has problems that are covered by the warranty, and the dealership won't repair the problems, then the car buyer can consider suing for the cost of the repairs that should be covered by warranty. The buyer should read the warranty to see if it includes any dispute resolution mechanism that must be exercised before litigation can be pursued.

    If the warranty is through a third party, the car owner can seek warranty repairs from any participating service center, and may benefit from doing that as opposed to going back to the dealership that seems to have lost interest in performing additional repairs.

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