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    Default Tire Dealer Damaged Tire Pressure Monitor

    A consumer bought replacement tires at a tire dealer. After they got the new tires, they noticed that the tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) was showing one of the tires as having no pressure. They went to the car dealership and were told that the sensor was not present -- it had somehow been removed during the tire replacement. The dealership replaced the sensor.

    When the customer went back to the tire shop, they refused to reimburse the customer for the cost of the repair. They stated that the customer should have come back to them to report the issue. Can the customer recover the repair cost?

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    Default Re: Tire Dealer Damaged Tire Pressure Monitor

    The customer may attempt to recover the cost in small claims court. If the court accepts that the sensor was present when the tire dealer received the car, and was missing when it was returned, the customer should recover the reasonable cost of the repair. However, if the tire dealer claims that the sensor must have been missing when the car came in for tire replacement, there is a possibility that the court will find that the consumer didn't prove that the sensor's absence was caused by the tire shop.

    If the tire shop has admitted that they caused the problem, with the dispute being that they wanted to save money by fixing it themselves, the consumer should try to get that information in the form of a written communication from the tire shop, as such a statement would help in court if they later change their story.

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