Ok, firstly I hope this is in the correct section - if not then please feel free to move it!

I read with interest the thread on if child model sites should be legal and it raised a few questions that I didn't have time to ask in the original thread before it was locked. There seem to be a lot of knowledgeable people on here so hopefully I'll get a sensible reply!

Firstly, were these sites ever legal? (I'm referring to the sites run by Webeweb, as discussed in the original debate) If they were being allowed to run for years, even investigated by a senator but left to run then is the answer yes? This leads on to my second question - if the two men are found guilty and the sites are shut down for good, what happens to all the customers? Will they be charged as well? I'm not too sure about retrospective guilt etc so could someone clarify for me?

Finally, if the sites are shut down do you think it will pave the way for any other child model sites to be closed down too, or will it just let them know what they shouldn't be doing if they want to remain open (ie. learn from webewebs 'mistakes').

In the interests of debate I will leave my personal opinions out of this for now.

Thanks in advance