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    Default Can an Off-Duty Officer Make a Traffic Stop

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: First off I would like to say I was breaking the law but I only do it to get back and forth from school. A sheriff, while picking up his kid followed me to my neighborhood while I as riding home on my 212 cc Baja motor bike. He pulled me over as I was entering my neighborhood and he then proceeded to lecture me about how my helmet was not certified and that I was lucky he didn't give me a ticket and or arrest me. All of this happening while his child is sitting in the back seat of his marked vehicle, note he did not show a badge and was not in uniform. ( This happened in Louisville Kentucky on friday, october, 21st). Please let me know if this was legal.

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    Default Re: Off Duty Sheriff Pulls Me Over

    It was legal.

    Law enforcement officers are NEVER "off duty."

    Be thankful that you just got a lecture. He could have easily held you there and called for an "on duty" officer with a citation book.

    So stop breaking the law.

    He's got you in his sights now.

    Next time you won't be so lucky.

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