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    Default Michigan Expired Plates

    This past weekend I was attending my father’s funeral. At the funeral home my car was lined up in the precession in the parking lot with the funeral flag placed on my car. As I walked out of the funeral home in tears and got into my car, I was approached by a police officer. He stated that my license plate was expired. I responded that it could not be because my birthday is in March.

    I was unable to locate my registration but the officer took my insurance and license to his vehicle, now the funeral precession has started to leave the funeral home. The officer must have seen the funeral precession was leaving the funeral home and tactlessly instructed that my ticket would be mailed to me.

    After contacting the Secretary of State, they explained to me that the dealership that I purchased the vehicle from in February of 2006 had not transferred the plates from my old vehicle correctly, and yes that they had expired. I do take full responsibility for my ignorance and not checking that everything was done properly. I have corrected the problem and learned a lesson. I own several vehicles and they all are up to date on registration and insurance. THis was an honest mistake.

    My question is can a ticket be given on Private Property in Michigan and during a funeral precession? This officer was just plain cold hearted.

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    What I have often observed is that if you promptly take care of the problem with the license plate you may catch a break from the judge including a dismissal. If the private property was that of the funeral home I don't know that you would have any standing to contest the officer's entry onto the property even if that was arguably some type of violation. My advice would be to show up in court with documentation showing that you corrected the problem and be ready to offer an explanation to the judge.

    I'm sorry for your loss and understand your frustration.

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