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    Default Alienation of affection and criminal conversation

    my husband and i married in january 2005, there is no marital assets or children of the marriage, when we got married I lived in NC and he lived in RI, We got married in RI,he was supposed to move there with me after our marriage but never actually did he kept his apartment in RI during our entire marriage using the excuse he had to keep it and come back every month or two to see his son, and because he is in subsidized housing and claimed it would be cheaper than paying for a hotel because when he went back it would be for several weeks sometimes a month, then i started finding out from his ex mother in law who has his child(adopted) that he would just call there a few times while he was back and see him 1 or 2 times, he was in nc with me for 6 months continuous from sept to march went back to ri for 1 month came back in may thru july, well to get to the point, on july 21st he went back to ri that night i called him and his neighbor next door was there(male) and ask him who he was talking to ( girl name)? i asked why would she be calling you and he and his friend denied that was what he said but i know what i heard, this woman is /was a prostitute he had an affair with several years before we got together in 2001,also she has a history of drug abuse, so he kept saying i dont know where she is i heard she was in jail for hooking and crack possession,so i called my aunt who also knows this woman and asked how i could get in touch with her and my aunts reply was why dont you ask Joe he was in here with her earlier(my aunt works at a local tavern) so i knew right away he was lying i called him back and told him he kept denying as usual, and hung up on me and wouldnt answer his phone for 3 days , he is very obcessed with the phone,he constantly calls me to see where i am and what im doing, and calls me at work several times a day where i have to tell him i am getting in trouble for it, but doesnt matter he would still call and i knew he would call me and he did telling my mother he loved me and it was all in my head, so i changed my phone #, i was very hurt and upset,well the day after i did that my neice died and i had to come to RI, i figured we could talk, when i got here i was told by people that he was with this woman and had moved her into his apartment with him which was July 27th and she had just gotten out of drug rehab on the 20th, and he had given her a diamond ring and said that he told people he was divorced from me and they were getting married in april 9th,also about a month later started intoducing her to people as his wife, saying they had gotten married,well we are still married no divorce yet,although he is still with the other woman,living with her also found out that everytime he came back he was with her and other woman,telling everyone in RI we had split up,I guess it wouldnt get back to me,also told that he was with her 2 days before we got married,and in april she was court order into rehab and that was when he came back to NC,i have offered to moved back to RI several times so he could be near his son but he kept insisting he was gonna be moving to NC, because he likes it there, well in December I moved back to RI,but cant file for divorce because im not a domicile resident, yet he is claiming he is,(1 yr in RI) I plan on moving back to NC for this was just a temporary move,He claims he has filed for the divorce and his girlfriend tried to hand me papers but i refused to take them, she kept shoving them at me then threw them in front of me so i picked them up still in sealed envelope and ripped them in half and threw them back at her, i believe the only person who can serve me with a divorce summons is a constable/sheriff/or lawyer which she is none of the above,not being a domicile resident of RI although he claims he is gives me a legal right to countersue for divorce , the problem is I want it on grounds of adultry,cruelty, and excessive drunkiness, all of which i feel i can prove he wants it on irreconsilable difference this is his 3rd divorce and soon to be 4th marriage,he has cheated on every wife and every girlfriend he has ever been with, and I also want to file suit for criminal conversation, and alienation of affection against his girlfriend, yet this law has been abolished by RI, can I legally still do it from NC laws even though the crime in question was commited in RI since I lived in NC while this was going on,or could I appeal to another court besides family court in RI? she was very aware we had gotten married because she seen and spoke with us on the night we got marriedI also feel she has caused me emotional harm ( I had never had a problem with her prior to finding out about their relationship because I truly believed he loved me)because when I seen her for the first time after finding out about them all she she just couldnt wait to show me her diamond he bought her and kept going on about them getting married and telling me not to give them any trouble just give him the divorce so they could on april 9th, and then started telling me things about their sex life,(which sounded like the same as ours, and asking me question about our sex life but i didnt tell her anything i just kept agreeing with her because i really didnt know what else to do and held everything inside,but was really tearing me apart) at this point i dont want to ever be with him again, also found out that he was with several other prostitutes besides her, when he made trips back to RI, I told him we should sit down civilly and talk about the things he has done, and just want him to admit the truth, that he was wrong for what he did throughout our marriage, but he refuses unless she is present, which if you ask me is really non of her business,he cals everywhere he knows i go and family members looking for me telling them he wants me to call him very important,and when i do he wont talk to me unless she is there,i refuse to give him my phone # or address because i am afraid of what he will do he has smashed windows on his ex wifes car and also threw a brick threw the front picture window of her house while his own children where in that room,(I have my own children to protect.) I was not the cause of his breakup with his ex wife he was with someone else before me that she had found out about they had not been together for about a yr & half when i started seeing him, yet he did this to her windows while i was seeing him,and she knew it was him that did it but couldnt prove it so she had my windows on my car smashed because he didnt have a car at the time, he later confessed to me that he had done it ,yet he never offered to pay me back for the damages, also while he was in NC he would pay all his bills,rent cable ,tel,credit cards, etc with his money he gets 860 monthly from social security and while he was down in NC never contributed to anything, yet would not pay is bills when he was in RI so they would get behind,I also had provided him with medical,dental,vision insurance which he said he would pay the difference and never did,prior to our breakup i cancel him off it,after having him on for 1 yr,and have recieved bills in my name for his treatments, he always seemed to have i entitle to any of that back?iAlso his girlfriend was born in the Azores,Portugal and from what i am being told is have trouble renewing her green card because she has had felonies against her, assault on a uniformed officer, possesion of IV controlled substance in a school zone (2 times), DUI,so this may be a reason why they are in such a hurry to get married i am really not sure about the immigration stuff, I do not believe my hsuband uses drugs although he does drink alot to the point he has been to the hospital for drunkness and high alcohol levels,i could go on and on but i think this is already too much,lol thanks for any input you can give me, Rtlad

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    Default Re: Alienation of affection and criminal conversation

    Cut this in half.

    Delete the editorial comments.

    Keep to the facts.

    Use paragraphs.

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