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    Default Can You Make a Personal Injury Claim for Asbestos Scarring

    If you are found to have a mass on your lung, and that mass is determined to have resulted for asbestos scarring and the associated accumulation of fluid, can you make a personal injury claim? The asbestos exposure would have happened decades ago during work in the steel industry.

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    Default Re: Can You Make a Personal Injury Claim for Asbestos Scarring

    That's a complicated question, due to a lack of information about the diagnosis and prognosis, and also due to the history of bankruptcies and acquisitions in the asbestos industry. If you had a routine x-ray, were found to have a mass, the mass was found to be asbestos-related, but it's both stable and asymptomatic, then there's not much to work with. If it's a more serious condition, it makes sense to have your medical scans and records reviewed by a lawyer who handles asbestos injury cases.

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