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    Default Can You Be Convicted of a Crime Based on Fingerprints Alone

    A man went into a store and, when nobody was looking, reached around to the cash register, hit the 'no sale' button, took the bills, lifted out the change tray, and took the large bills that were under the tray. Nobody saw him do this and there is no video surveillance. Can he be convicted based solely upon the presence of his fingerprints on the change tray?

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    Default Re: Can You Be Convicted of a Crime Based on Fingerprints Alone

    Unless there is a valid, innocent explanation for the presence of the man's fingerprints inside the cash register, of course he can be convicted based upon that evidence.

    Also, even if there is no evidence, it is likely that somebody saw him enter the store, saw him in the store, and / or saw him leave the store -- and his presence around the time of the theft is additional evidence of his opportunity to steal. That on top of fingerprints would be an easy case for a prosecutor.

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