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    Exclamation What Should You Do After Being Charged With Check Fraud

    Posting this for my roommate (no, really), whom I'm trying to help out:

    A former friend popped up online and advised my roommate that he had found an arrest warrant for him on a website sponsored by our state's (Arizona) sheriff's office. The only information it gives is for "Insuff Fund - Check Fraud". The issue date was July 2005, and the address for that time and birthdate listed both match for him, so we're assuming that it is him (or identity theft).

    He has since updated his driver's license so the state has the proper address on file, as well as purchasing a car with registration in his name at our current address and receiving employment where the charge did not show up on the criminal background check at all (check was done in Dec 2006, so a year and a half after the issue).

    The former friend (who is a former roommate) noted that a courier had stopped by my roommate's former address back in late 2005, but would not give him any information other than it was a legal matter; the friend didn't have any forwarding information and didn't get back in touch with my roommate until today.

    He is unsure of the details of the check that was written and has been unable to get information from the bank at this time. However, given the timeframe, the check amount would very likely have been less than $500 (probably a bounced grocery check or possible default payday loan).

    I understand that there is no statute of limitations once the charge has been filed. What I'm looking for is the best way to proceed. My roommate has contacted a lawyer for consultation, who stated that the best thing to do would be to post bail ($99), but until we retain him he won't say what happens afterward.

    I would assume that, given that my roommate has no other major offenses (traffic tickets [paid] and traffic accidents [paid] only), it would be possible to post bail and set up a payment plan for the funds in question, with a probation mark on his record if the warrant pans out to be real (and not identity theft, which is a possibility)? Any advice would be appreciated, and obviously would be taken as non-legal advice since no one replying would be a retained attorney.

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    Default Re: Check fraud charges and best course of action

    Nobody here can guarantee that your friend will be able to avoid a criminal conviction as a result of this charge. If he doesn't take care of it and continues to live in the area, eventually he'll be involved in an encounter with the police (e.g., getting a traffic ticket), and will be taken into custody on the basis of the outstanding warrant.

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    Default Re: Check fraud charges and best course of action

    Q: What I'm looking for is the best way to proceed.

    A: Surrender.

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