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    Default Daughter Placed with a Sex Offender

    I am needing help on a issue involving my daughter currently placed in the home of a registered sex offender and she was placed by CPS and they have the information proving he is.And they have chosen to ignore the fact that he is a sex offender and he is not to have contactwith a child under the age of 18,and CPS is aware of this.

    The judge I have in charge of this case with my daughter is the same judge that sentenced him to prsion for 8 years and i need to know what i can do about getting my daughter removed from this home and rather or not the judge is bias agianst me knowing full well what this guy did.

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    Default Daughter Placed with Sex Offender

    If the situation is as you claim, and neither CPS nor the court will help, consider resorting to the media.

    But it sounds like you're not represented. If not, hire a lawyer, and follow your lawyer's advice.

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