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    Default Personal Questions During Interview with Lawyer

    I have been thinking about what the public defender was asking me on tuesday.

    He was asking me questions such as if i remembered my old internet providers and if my ex huband and me instant messaged people or chated online with people.

    And then he started asking me questions about my past sex life with my ex and other people i had sex with and i feel as if this info was to personell and if he even should have asked me questions like this.

    This has really disturbed me.Some of the questions he asked me were uncalled for and uneccessary.

    I feel as if i was raped by this public defender because of the questions about my sex life with people that was really personel.

    he wanted to know if i remembered my old sign in names for msn,yahoo,or any other internet providers.

    i feel very uncomfortable

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    This case involves your daughter being molested by their step-dad - your ex-husband? I think you need to relax. I am going to say the same thing that the prosecutor presumably said - you are not helping your daughter's case....

    I presume that the PD wanted to interview you because you are a witness in the case. It sounds like the prosecutor was present at the time. If you do not feel comfortable answering a question, just say so. However, what they are likely looking for with the internet providers etc is whether there is internet communication that will be helpful (for either side) during the trial. The PD is also likely trying to get a grip on how you will testify on the stand and if there is anything in your background that would be useful to impeach you on the stand.

    These are routine questions that I would ask if I was prosecuting/defending certain types of sex cases....

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