My question involves labor and employment law for the state of: California and Oregon

I was laid off from my job in Oregon and looked everywhere. Unfortunately/fortunately I found a temp job in California which turned into a permanent job in California. I initially moved then after trying to work from home my wife had to resign from her job. She spoke to the Unemployment office in California and they stated she had to file with Oregon. She spoke to a person in the Unemployment office in Oregon and it seemed fine to file, she did file and received a couple of checks. However just recently they contacted her and she is worried. After doing some searches it seems Oregon does not cover trailing spouse, not 100% sure of this. So I guess I would like to know the following details:
- Will Oregon approve the Unemployment Claim? She has worked in Oregon for 14 years with no break in employment.
- If not will we have to payback what she has received so far?
- Will California pay her Unemployment since she has never worked in California?