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    Default What Costs Will Be Deducted from a Bond Before a Refund is Issued

    A defendant was bonded out of jail, with the person posting bond paying 10%. The defendant was arrested and the judge didn't revoke the bond, but ordered the person held in jail pending trial. When the charge is over, will the person who posted the bond have to pay additional amounts to the bonding company, or will they get a full refund of their bond? Are court costs, fines, restitution and the like taken from the bond before a refund? Why didn't the court revoke the bond?

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    Default Re: What Costs Will Be Deducted from a Bond Before a Refund is Issued

    The court likely did not revoke the bond because it didn't want to impose the hardship on whomever posted the bond. It sounds like the bond was increased, as if the bond were merely continued then the defendant should have been released. It's also possible that he's being held on a different charge or new charge.

    Typically, courts will apply funds from the bond to the defendant's assessments if the defendant is convicted. There may be a different rule in the state at issue for a bond posted by a bail bonding service, but that's something that would have to be investigated under state law. If the person who posted the bond guaranteed the entire bond, as opposed to simply paying the 10% while somebody else provided any additional guaranty or security, then it is possible that the person will have to reimburse the bonding company for any amount withheld by the court at the conclusion of the prosecution.

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