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    Default When Do You Need a Court Reporter for Child Support Proceedings

    My question involves a child custody case from the State of: CA

    I have a hearing soon and Child Support and Child Support Arrears are the issues.

    My county no longer provides court reporting services. It wasn't such a problem in the past for child support hearings because the court would write up fairly detailed minutes summarizing what was ordered. It seems that they no longer write up a minute order, but just put a very condensed version into a case summary. I'm just not sure if everything ordered will end up in the summary.

    Private reporters seem to have a minimum of about $300. I expect the baseline child support order will be very straight forward because there will be a dissomaster printout, but what about the addons? I suppose my concern is that there would be a disagreement about what was ordered at the hearing. Should I bother with a reporter?

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    Default Re: When Do You Need a Court Reporter for Child Support Proceedings

    All of the pertinent information will be found in the minute order. That's how the judge knows what to sign off on. One of you will be responsible for submitting the order for signature.

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