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    Default When Should a Parent be Informed of the Rights of a Juvenile in Detention

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: Idaho
    I have a 15 yr old juvenile son that was arrested and taken into custody 2 wks ago. During the time of arrest I was present and noted with witnesses that the miranda rights weren't read to him ...I didnt receive any court papers..I did not see the warrant papers at that time. The next day I was told he had been assigned a lawyer, 20 min before he had court I was able to quickly meet with her and get a copy of the paper stating what he was being charged with, the judge let her talk with my son who was over the phone for aprox 2min and thats it and the judge ended up saying that he should be held in juvinile detention for 2wks...she didnt meet with him at all during the two forward to now..he had court again yesterday..they released him with house arrest and probation..we met with the probation officier and I was then handed the warrant notice..which states his rights about finding a lawyer and being assigned one etc? This all after hed already been taken into custody 2wks prior?? I was asked to sign a acknowledgement of rights form yesterday as well...with it stating my son and my rights as his parent. It all seems odd that Im getting these papers after weve already been to court ? I know virtually nothing about the court system or my rights or my sons so It really would have been beneficial to have recieved the papers so that I could've read through them earlier...So my question: Am I correct in thinking that I should have received the documents earlier? And if that is the case what can I do to file a complaint to make sure that protcol for things like that are followed like their suppose to be? Thanks for anyone willing to answer...!

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