falsely arrested , my friend was attacked by a 190-250 lb guy , my friend has priors, and knew he could do nothing , but this guy was tearing his shirt and hitting my friend, so my friend kneed him in the head and between his legs while my friend was being thrown around, later that night my friend was picked up and arreasted for battery on a minor. the polcie never read my friend his mirinda rights until after they made there report and made my friend write a report about what happen, my friendhad no idea that this guy was only 13 yrs old. and this guy came to my friends garage and started the hitting my friend. my friend was told he could not file charges against that minor because it was to late, i called the district atty. office the next day and the vwc said that there was no time limit on when to file charges and to go back and tell the police that my friend needs to file one against that minor also. what will this do to my friend because he has priors and is it legal to be arrested just because the police say. the police have also been harrassing my friend sence he got into troulbe the first time 2 years ago, they have stopped him for nothing , gave him no tricket, but they want to get him out of the car and seach him and let him go , 5 time in one week, they have done this for 6 mths , and have never been able to get him on anything , he has changed and has stayed out trouble, thanks what should he do?