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    Default Roaches In An Apartment

    Upon moving into my apartment i informed my landlord i have never lived with pests, that i am afraid of them, and i did not want the apartment if there was a problem. He assured me there was not a problem and even said he keeps the building on the up and up and there has never been a roach problem. I asked him again before i signed the lease if he was sure because i am terrified of bugs once again he assured me there was no problem i had nothing to worry about.

    Well a few weeks at the apartment which by the way is a very clean unit and i am a perfectionist so i clean the walls the ceiling everything is nice and clean in my unit the building is in a nice neighborhood and is a nice brick builing with 6 units. Anyway a few weeks in i started to see a baby roach here and there i thought nothing of it but did inform the landlord. He in return sent over his friend to spray the building.

    That helped for a couple of days then the roaches were back at it again one night i killed 15 to 20 of them and as you can imagine could not sleep they kept coming from the bathroom ceiling. I immediatly informed the landlord once again he said he would send over his friend when his freind got some free time from work

    The friend finally came by and sprayed this time the landlord passed out a can of knock off raid to all the tenants. Since then I had still seen them from time to time but now they are back with a vengence i even found one dead in my refrigirator. I called the landlord again about the problem this time he and his friend are going to set off roach bombs WOW which they probaly got from the dollar store or menards. I am so upset i havent even been sleeping in my apartment i stay at a friends because of the roach problem i cannot afford to move right now what can i do legally if anything? Please someone HELP!!!!!

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    Nothing! Your Landlord is trying to deal with problem. If your neighbors are leavign food out or other things that attrtact roaches you will never really see them gone. Your Landlord is trying to solve problem if he was ignoring it you might have a beef but thats not the case. Once he bombs I suggest you lay out those littel roach discs/traps they are inexpensive and work quite well. I once move din a home that was awful and I elinimated teh critters with them.

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    I can't tell you anything that you will want to hear. You probably already know that "there is no such thing as 'one cockroach' in a building. If you see fifteen, there are probably many thousand cockroaches in the building. Spraying in one unit is never adequate, as they will move to adjacent units until the poison dissipates. In some areas of the country, any sizeable multi-unit housing will have some level of infestation, moderated only by periodic professional extermination services.

    It's not just food that attracts cockroaches. They love glue, including glue from corrugated cardboard. Be thankful for the new self-adhesive postage stamps - if you've ever taken an old-style stamp out of a drawer, licked it, and discovered that there's no glue on it... guess what was probably responsible?

    Your landlord isn't responsible for your ultrasensitivity to insects, but if he seriously wishes to rid the building of cockroaches he really should consider bringing in a professional. If he won't, as panther10758 suggests, you can take steps to minimize their presence in your unit. You can review this article's suggestions, and perhaps even print a copy for your landlord.

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    Living in south FL, I never had a bug problem until helping a friend with temporary living arrangements. All of a sudden, there was all this foreign stuff in my cupboards....FOOD!!

    After she moved out, my condo was thoroughly bug sprayed and cleaned with ammonia. Bugs hate ammonia. Since I've been displaced by a hurricane and renting the apt. I'm now in for over a year, I've only seen one roach. So, it looks as though my apt. is 99.9% bug free.

    You're right about how roaches like to nest in paper, Aaron. People also falsely believe that the bugs down here are worst than up north. Perhaps away from the ocean & gulf coastal areas that may be true. I wouldn't know about that.

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    I can understand how your feeling. My landlord had an exterminator come in for a few months to spray and I didnt see any back until a few wks later. I decided myself to bomb and havent seen not 1 for atleast 6 months. I also use borid acid in my cabinets, behing and under stove and fridge. Good luck.

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